Welcome to Quick Release Mounts for Sim Rigs.

Welcome to Quick Release Mounts for Sim Rigs or QR4rigs for short.

Increase Your Immersion!
We like to make things fast and easy all round when it comes to simming, whether it is rapidly switching between racing or flight, or swapping to just the right controllers for a more true to life, authentic feel for the aircraft or spaceship you are flying or the car or truck you are driving.

Return on Your Investments
Have you got joysticks, HOTAS, rudders, pedals, wheels, gear sticks etc that you put away, or sims and games you don't use because it is too cumbersome to tear down your rig and build it back up just to play something now and again?QRDee Center Mounting System

Take Control of your Sim Environment
Using our QR systems, you can switch your controllers out in seconds, giving you more time in the sim or game of your choice and allowing you to widen the use of the rig that you have (most likely) heavily invested in!

Ideal for Virtual Reality
When using VR, it is important to have a clear path to your controllers. With your controllers on our QR systems, you can just have the controllers you need at your fingertips attached to the rig and completely declutter your rig environment, a happy side effect of Quick Release (QR).

Most of our mounts are 3D printed in a strengthened PLA+ or sometimes PETG which can withstand higher temperatures, both are very strong materials and designed to withstand normal forces.

Featured Video: How the QR4rigs Quick Release systems work!

Can't find what you need?
If you have a controller that we currently do not support, please use the Contact Us Form and let us know about your controller and we will do our best to quickly design a QR Plate to add to our catalogue. If you are the first with the request and we are successful with a design, we will issue a unique discount voucher to you so you can purchase the new product at a discounted price in return for your suggestion and help with dimensions and fixing points.
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