Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I know where to mount the Base Plates?

A. The QRPro, QRMax and QRMaxUltra base plates are designed to be mounted on the edge of wherever you are mounting them and normally the QR mounting is from the rear to the front of the rig and removal is from the mounted postion towards the rear of the rig (the QRDee system is opposite) . A lot of peripherals have parts that protrude beyond and below their mounting points.

The best way to find out where to mount your Base Mounts is to affix the QR Plates to your controllers and add the QR Base to the QR Plate, then place them on your rig where they will be fitted. Next mark the postions of the sides and back / front in pencil (you may want to apply masking tape to your rig if it is a dark colour or has a glossy finish so you can see the pencil marks). Note the orientation of the QR Plate as it is important that the mounting and removal using our QR system needs an unobstructed path. Once the outline is marked out you can remove the QR Bases and reposition them on the Mounting points on your rig to mark out where any holes need to be drilled. Most of the QR Bases have optional mounting points and to access these you will need to remove the guide plates temporarily to mark out the drilling points (if needed) and affix the Bases to the rig with the fixings included. When fitting the guides back to the QR Base, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.


Q. I removed the guides temporarily on the QR Base to fit it and now the QR Plate is too tight, how do I fix this?

A. Loosen the screws slightly on the guide plates on the QR Base until the fit is snug but not loose. Mount and unmount the QR Plate (no need to remove the controller) a few times to make sure there is a good fit, then tighten the screws on the guide plates 1/16th of a turn (very small amount, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN). Test to ensure a good fit. Repeat if necessary.


Q. The QR Plate has become a loose fit on the QR Base, how do I fix this?

A. The QR Systems have been tested over a good period of time (1yr +) but over time, and depending on how often you use the QR systems, the plastic will wear a tiny amount due to the nature of the material it is made from (plastic). When this happens, you may need to adjust the guides on the QR Base. You may only have to tighten the screws on the guides a little (1/16th of a turn at a time (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN) to make a tight fit again, so try this first. If that fails to make a good fit again, loosen the screws on the outer guides only so they move slighty when pushed, bias your finger pressure towards the centre of the QR Plate and retighten the screws. Test for a good fit, repeat if necessary with less pressure when biasing the guides if too tight and slightly more if too loose.

If you still can't get a good fit, use the Contact Us Form to get in touch with our Support Team and we will endeavour to assist.

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