QRDee Quick Release Base Mount DOFR-Main Beam

  • Model: QRDeeBaseDOFR-MB
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  • Manufactured by: QR4rigs

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The QRDee Base Mount DOFR has a rounded front edge and is designed to accomodate most centrally mounted joystick controllers.

NOTE: The QRDee System does NOT support ForceFeedBack (FFB) devices.

The QRDee Base Mount DOFR is a new edition designed specifically for fitting to DOF Reality rigs to privode a solid QR Base mounting for Joysticks with extensions. The QRDee system remains entirely compatable as there is no change to the Quick Release system itself.

The area around the M8 Holes is reinforced to withstand tightening forces for steel (28Nm of torque), but we would strongly suggest that this kind of tightening force is overkill and that 8Nm to 11Nm is perfectly adequate to prevent movement.

The Lever comes in Red as default, but you can choose from 9 different colours when adding to your cart at no extra cost if you want a different accent theme on your rig!

There are various configurations of the DOF Reality rig, some with a 'naked' Main Beam, some with a Y-Frame/Bars. Use the images below to determine which type of rig you have.

NOTE: If you have a rig with a Y-Frame configuration, it is crucial to ensure that you use the Y-Frame spacers supplied in the fixing kit to create a level surface to mount the base mount to in conjunction with the "Chocobar".

There a number of different mounting kit options for mounting at different positions on a DOF Reality Rig:

  • QRDee Base Mount DOFR c/w QRDee Lever (Red [default] or Choose Colour)
    • Option 1: Main Beam (Naked)
      • 4x M8x50mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M8 s/s washers
      • 4x M8 s/s Nyloc Nuts
    • Option 2: Main Beam ("Y-Frame")
      • 1x QRDee Chocobar
      • 2x Y-Frame Spacers
      • 4x M8x50mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M8 s/s washers
      • 4x M8 s/s Nyloc Nuts

You will need a QRDee QR Plate kit for each peripheral you wish to mount to this base.

NOTE: If you would like to add a QRDee Base mount to your HOTAS mount, to complement the QRDee DOFR-Main Beam (so you can mount your joystick in an alternative position on the side), our standard QRDee Base Mount 40 has an option for a DOFR HOTAS Fixing kit.

Instructional Videos

Please watch the relevant video before purchase to see which fixing kit you require.

Main Beam w/o Y-Frame (Naked)

Main Beam with Y-Frame

A Dust Cover Plate is available for when the base is not in use - QRDee Dust Cover Plate

More information on DOF Reality motion rigs can be found on their website: DOF Reality

Note: This item 3D printed, there will be obvious print lines on this product due to the nature of 3D printing. You may need to drill holes and need longer bolts than supplied if the plate you are fixing to is more than 5mm thick.

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