QRMax Base Support DOFR Wheel Table Kit

  • Model: QRMaxBSBDOFR-W
  • Shipping Weight: 250g
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  • Manufactured by: QR4rigs

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This Base Support has been developed to provide support for an existing QRMax Base Mount/QRMax Base Mount 40 on to the Main Beam of the DOF Reality series of rigs for the central mounting of joysticks.

The QRMax Base Support DOFR-W follows a similar shape as a QRMax Base Mount  providing minimal footprint. It fixes to the DOF Reality Wheel Table with the supplied M6 Countersunk Screws, Washers and Nuts.

The area around the M6 Holes is reinforced to withstand tightening forces for steel (18Nm of torque), but we would strongly suggest that this kind of tightening force is overkill and that 6Nm to 8Nm is perfectly adequate to prevent movement.

The QRMax Base Mount (available separately) is fixed to the QRMax Base Support DOFR-W with the 4x M6x16mm Countersunk screws and nuts (already embedded in the Base Support) supplied with the fixing kit.

There are various configurations of the DOF Reality rig, some have a 'D' shaped wheel table and some have a Rectangular shaped wheel table

There are two different mounting kit options for mounting on the different types of wheel table

  • QRMax Base Support DOFR-W
    • Option 1: [WR] Rectangular shape wheel table
      • 4x M6x18mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M6 s/s washers
      • 4x M6 s/s Nyloc Nuts
      • 4x M6x16mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M6 s/s Nuts
    • Option 2: [WD] 'D' type wheel table
      • 4x M6x40mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M6 s/s washers
      • 4x M6 s/s Nyloc Nuts
      • 4x M6x16mm CSK s/s Skt Screws
      • 4x M6 s/s Nuts

Instructional Videos

QRMaxDOFR for Rectangular Wheel Table

QRMaxDOFR for 'D' type Wheel Table

You will need a QRMax Base Mount or QRMax Base Mount DOFR to use this kit.

More information on DOF Reality motion rigs can be found on their website: DOF Reality

Note: This item 3D printed, there will be obvious print lines on this product due to the nature of 3D printing.

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