Winwing Base to Thrustmaster Grip Conversion Extension

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This plug and play extension enables a Thrustmaster Joystick Grip to be used on a Winwing Joystick Base (where firmware allows).

Important: Please watch the video below before purchase for the correct way to install a QR4rigs Extension in to a Winwing Base.

NOTE: You must confirm you have watched the installation video before you are able to purchase this item.

The main tube is 30mm in diameter and comes in a choice of 3 different heights, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Unlike most others available, this extension is fully hardwired allowing easy no-fuss swap out.

The plug on the extension can be rotated to suit the orientation of the socket on the Winwing original bases. This is necessary as the rotation of the socket in some Winwing Bases differ from others, even the same models. DO NOT OVER ROTATE the plug in the extension when aligning, just rotate enough to line it up properly. Spinning it around for laughs will break the wiring eventually causing failure.

A 0.5mm rubber washer is supplied to be placed at the bottom of the converter (Winwing side) to aid in the prevention of rotation when tightened.

This Conversion Extension can be used in conjunction with other extensions designed for Winwing or Thrustmaster by placing it either on top of a Winwing (or compatible) extension or at the base of a Thrustmaster Extension.

*Compatible with ALL QR4rigs extensions when used with a Winwing Joystick Base and Thrustmaster Grip.

**NOTE about Virpil Grips: Winwing firmware identifies Virpil (VPC) grips as TM Grips in general, therefore will only be as functional as putting the Virpil Grip on a TM base e.g. some of the extra axis and buttons will not be functional. This is a limitation of the firmware in the WW base and is not changed by the Conversion Extension.

NOTE. Winwing firmware needs to be up to date and the Conversion Extension will only work as well as the firmware allows.
Pushing your joystick beyond it's movement limits with force may result in breaking the extension itself, particularly with the longer extensions.


NOTE: Our conversion extensions are not compatible if the MFSSB Kit is installed.

  • Winwing Joystick Bases and Thrustmaster Joystick Grips
  • Winwing Extensions
  • QR4rigs Thrustmaster extensions*
  • QR4rigs Winwing extensions*
  • Partial support for Virpil Grips**
  • No other bases or grips are considered compatible at this time.

Winwing Bases

  • Orion 2 Joystick Base
  • Orion 1 Joystick Base Note: Only the WW2TM50 is supported with this base.

Thrustmaster Grips

  • Thrustmaster Warthog Grip
  • Thrustmaster F/A-18C Grip
  • Thrustmaster Cougar Grip

Partial support for Virpil Grips** (see Notes above)

  • VPC WarBRD Grip
  • VPC V.F.X Grip
  • VPC MongoosT-50 Series Grips
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Series Grips
  • VPC Constelation DELTA

Naming Convention

Model Height
WW2TM50 50mm
WW2TM75 75mm
WW2TM100 100mm


  • Please watch the video above before attempting to fit the Conversion Extension.
  • The Conversion Extension must be installed on the base or extension (A) before adding the grip (B).
  • Do not overtighten the grub screw on the WW Base or WW Extension
  • Rotate only the knurled screw nuts.
  • DO NOT OVER ROTATE the plug in the extension when aligning with base.
  • Take care to align the plugs and sockets to avoid damaging them.
  • A rubber washer is supplied with the kit making a much tighter connection between the mating surfaces, so much so, that using and tightening the grub screw on the base is now optional.

A. Conversion Extension Installation to Winwing Base

  1. If installed, loosen the grub screw so that it is clear of the internal threads on the Knurled Base Screw on the base.
  2. Place the rubber washer on top of the mating surface on the base around the socket.
  3. Carefully align the plug on the base of the conversion extension with the socket in the Winwing base. When aligned it should go in easily and the mating surfaces should be flat.
  4. Turn the conversion extension to the desired orientation and hold in place. DO NOT over rotate the conversion extension.
  5. Tighten the knurled base screw by hand, whilst holding the conversion extension still. Do not use tools on the knurled base screw but make sure it is tight. The grub screw (or grub screw hole should align with the metal catch plate at either the front or the back of the conversion extension.
  6. (optional) Install and tighten the grub screw. Do not overtighten the grub screw, to the pinch is adequate.

B. Thrustmanster Grip Installation to Conversion Extension

  1. Carefully align the plug with the socket of the extension.
  2. When aligned the mating surfaces should be flat.
  3. DO NOT rotate the conversion extension or the grip, only turn the knurled screw.
  4. Tighten the knurled screw by hand, whilst holding the extension pole and grip still. Do not use tools on the knurled screw but make sure it is really tight.
If you need a different height, please use Custom Joystick Extension Request form to get in touch!

Note: This item is 3D printed. There will be obvious print lines on this product due to the nature of 3D printing. The colour of the base interface, plug and socket holder (not visible once installed) will vary depending on model chosen. We have colour coded them to make sure we send you the right one!

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