Joystick Extension for Thrustmaster and Virpil (VPC)

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The Joystick extension fits the Thrustmaster Warthog/Cougar and Virpil (VPC) Joystick ranges and is ideal when using the QRDee Center Mount System.

The main tube is 30mm in diameter and comes in a choice of two different styles: Kinked (K) and Gooseneck (G), have offsets of 25mm, 50mm or 75mm depending on height choice that bring the grip closer to the pilot and in lengths between 100mm and 250mm that add height, ideal when centre mounting.

Unlike most others available, this extension is fully hardwired allowing easy no-fuss swap out between joystick handles and extension/no extension modes1.

For Thrustmaster grips, these extensions incorporate a 15° counter clockwise rotation of the top fixing for better wrist comfort with right handed operation when the joystick is centre mounted. earlier VPC grips can be mounted in any orientation and later notched grips in 22.5° rotational steps from straight.

NEW: All the extensions have the same anti-twist notches that match the newer VPC Bases and Grips; the component that mates with the base is made from a extremely hard wearing Polycarbonate Blend composite to keep it in shape.

New for F-16 Enthusiasts!
We have added a new short extension with a rake of 12° to tilt the grip forwards and have removed the 15° counter clockwise rotation of the top fixing, it adds only 40mm of height to achieve this (see pics).


  • Thrustmaster bases support only Thrustmaster grips.
  • Virpil bases support Virpil and Thrustmaster grips. 
  • No other bases or grips are considered compatible at this time.


  • Thrustmaster Warthog Base
  • Thrustmaster Cougar Base
  • Thrustmaster Advanced Versatile Aviation (AVA) Base
  • VPC WarBRD Series Base2
  • VPC MongoosT-50 Series Base2


  • Thrustmaster Warthog Grip
  • Thrustmaster F/A-18C Grip
  • Thrustmaster Cougar Grip
  • VPC WarBRD Grip
  • VPC V.F.X Grip
  • VPC MongoosT-50 Series Grips
  • VPC Constellation ALPHA Series Grips
  • VPC Constelation DELTA

Naming Convention Examples

Model Height Type Offset
150K50 150mm Kinked 50mm
200G75 200mm Gooseneck 75mm

1. Thrustmaster and Virpil (VPC) themselves recommended for the USB to be disconnected when swapping between joysticks/extensions attached to their Joystick bases, we ask you to adhere to this advice too!

2. Virpil (VPC) only:

  • Remove the 2 bolts holding the female grip connector in place in the VPC Base before attaching the extension to prevent damage to the connectors. Refer to the VPC Base user manual for more information. (see photo #5)
  • The plug pulls out of the Virpil grips to make connecting easier. (see photo #8)

3. Adding an extension to the TM warthog will make the action feel very loose. Depending on the length you choose, you may well need a stronger spring in your Thrustmaster base to get the desired feel and to add a collar to remove the play in the gimbal which will be even more noticable with an extension, the longer the extension, the greater the effects. There is plenty of information out there and places to obtain the springs and collars, we do not supply either.

4. Pushing your joystick beyond it's movement limits with force may result in breaking the extension itself, particularly with the longer extensions.

If you need a different height or offset, please use Custom Joystick Extension Request form to get in touch!

Note: This item is 3D printed. There will be obvious print lines on this product due to the nature of 3D printing. The colour of the base interface, plug and socket holder (not visible once installed) will vary depending on model chosen. We have colour coded them to make sure we send you the right one!

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