QRMax Thrustmaster T300RS Wheelbase Quick Release Plate


Wow! I have been searching for a while now for someone that makes quick release systems so I can flick easily between driving to flying and stumbled across these guys. To be honest, based on the price, I was expecting something 'functional' and was surprised by the quality of the product (neat little touches like etching 'QRMaxT300RS' on the front plate, or the quality of the fastenings). I have this on my Trakracer TR160 rig and works flawlessly. Also have plates for the Saitek Yoke, Saitek throttle quadrant and my WinWing Throttle so I can flick easily between 'modes'. Next purchase will be for my pedals and rudder!
Date Added: 07/02/2023 by STEPHEN B.
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